Working with the flaws

Stoneware relief from 2021 with John. 1v5: ‘and the darkness has not overcome’ and by Simon Grotrian, Ravnekost og slagere, 2017: I exist, and you search. /
Jeg findes, og du leder.

The chance involved in the ceramic process is very dear to me. Cracks and flaws are divine interventions and I welcome them to play a central role to the final ceramic output.


I work with Nordic (Nordjysk) Iconography in which I combine biblical as well as intuitive motifs with tiny, strong text bits from the Bible and from the oeuvre of hymn writer Simon Grotrian (1961-2019).


Continuously exploring Nordic (Nordjysk) Kintsugi, the art of repairing, uniting, with gold.

Portfolio & projects

My Father and I at Helligåndshuset in Copenhagen in week 21 of 2021. I will return with new material in
week 21 of 2022
Gabby is an angel made on request. It comes in a variety of colours and variations and is sold locally in Silkeborg, Denmark and in the social enterprise web shop Human Aid Wine
Christo i Berits hænder
Christo is created with and for a hospital priest. Designed to be held and to stand. The text is by Ingrid Mejer Jensen and roughly translates into:

One to reach
one whose hand to hold
bringing light
the deepest of darkness
and on the ways out -
you and I
all days
until the end of the world.
JegLer wave

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