Working with the flaws

Stoneware relief from 2021 with John. 1v5: ‘and the darkness has not overcome’ and by Simon Grotrian, Ravnekost og slagere, 2017: I exist, and you search / lead. //
Jeg findes, og du leder.

The chance involved in the ceramic process is very dear to me. Cracks and flaws are divine interventions and I welcome them to play a central role to the final ceramic output.


I work with Nordic (Nordjysk) Iconography – an artistic category which I’ve invented. I combine biblical as well as intuitive motifs with tiny, strong text bits from the Bible and from the oeuvre of hymn writer Simon Grotrian (1961-2019). In 2022 I’ve started contemplating to use English text. The brilliance of Simon Grotrian however is in the ambiguity which requires a lot from the translator.


Continuously exploring Nordic (Nordjysk) Kintsugi, the art of repairing, uniting, with gold.

Christo i Berits hænder
Christo is created for the hospital priest of Silkeborg. To be held and to stand.Graphic design by Berit Stubkjær and supporting text by Ingrid Mejer Jensen (my translation):

One to reach,
one whose hand to hold,
bringing light
the deepest of darkness
and on the ways out -
you and I
all days
until the end of the world.
Broderier af Berit Stubkjær, Berit Grafisk Design. Fælles opgave for Aalborg Universitetshospital
For the Hospital priest for the Maternity ward at Aalborg University Hospital I made a variation of Christo for ceremonial use in collaboration with designer Berit Stubkjær and author Ingrid Mejer Jensen.
Hænder i Væggerskilde
I work with church art - so far I've made communion sets and a baptismal bowl. Currently I work with 'Thorax' and enjoy an inspiring collaboration with a jewellery artist. I also do academic projects in this field.

Gallery & texts

Various commissions.
Gabby is an angel made on request. It comes in a variety of colours and variations and is sold locally in Silkeborg, Denmark and in the social enterprise web shop Human Aid Wine
My Father and I at Helligåndshuset in Copenhagen in week 21 of 2021. I participated in 2022 and 2023 and truly appreciate the venue and the company. The House of the Holy Ghost will undergo a thorough renovation and we expect to return to the beautified venue in
week 21 of 2026

Please get in touch to see my show room in Silkeborg. I am happy to ship things and to discuss localization and commissions.

Shipping and insurance costs are added to the prices that are set in Danish kroner.